One Triangle and More – MORe3.1.2 Meaning-Oriented Reflection 3.1.2

In: Theology and Philosophy of Education

The educational technique of ‘meaning-oriented reflection’ originally highlights two angles ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’, prior to ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’. MORe3.1.2 emphasises that due to differences among world-philosophies, an additional third angle on ‘being inspired’ by a higher power is applicable.

Bringing these three angles into ‘being aware’ precedes ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’.

Dutch version

English version

Based on interviews and higher educational interventions, the revised ‘meaning-oriented reflection’ appears to be a useful educational technique.

The question remains: How to implement MORe3.1.2 among professionals who may only reflect rationally?

Meeuwsen, Bert. 2022. “One Triangle and More – MORe3.1.2: Meaning-Oriented Reflection 3.1.2”. Theology and Philosophy of Education 1 (1):13-17.