On Decolonising University Curricula

‘Decolonising the curriculum’ is, among others, rethinking the origin of epistemology. E.g. a Eurocentric Western/Enlightenment approach (only), or taking into consideration indigenous origins, i.e. African (Ubuntu), Chinese (Confucian), Persian (Chaldaic), and/or other world philosophies, too.

A textbook on the subject of ‘Decolonising the curriculum’ is expected in 2022 (Moncrieffe, M., Eds., et al., Camden London: Palgrave MacMillan).

Recently, the University of Brighton in the UK, hosted the Education and Student Experience Conference for over two days. Participants shared their own understanding of what decolonising in education means and provided several recommendations on this matter. Wittenborg’s lecturer Bert Meeuwsen participated in the event. Read more: